The Vexilar SP200 can be just really an excellent product for a fish finder. This unit is compact and has been constructed to connect with some smartphone. It’s an ideal instrument to choose on smaller and kayaks size fishing ships. The product is just actually a transducer which can connect into the smartphone.

The transducer works using Android and also iOS smartphone device. The transducer can be controlled by employing a program. After you log on the program with all the pliable transducer wirelessly attached, you may observe the temperature, SONAR, along with water depth.

Such information will be sent into the smartphone through the program. Such a fish-finder has to be hooked up to and including 12-volt battery for the power. If you don’t have an energy source to the device, then it won’t do the job.

When the transducer isn’t powered afterwards, there will not be any data displayed through the smartphone. The Vexilar SP200 review can offer you knowledge of this product that could boost your fishing experience. If you are looking Vexilar SP100, you can also check those reviews

My Vexilar SP200 Review

Features of Vexilar SP200


The Vexilar SP200 is different due to its harmonious design. The transducer can be hooked on your smartphone or tablet. There’s not any limit onscreen size or apparatus. It enables one to see, browse, and track the info which the merchandise is discovering. This unit offers accurate advice as you’re travelling at a boat. The small transducer is simple to transfer and can be utilized anywhere.

The system has an innovative display feature. After the transducer is connected to the telephone, it exhibits the vision on the monitor.

This permits you to find the fish without even having any added bulky equipment. It’s an easy unit which is quick to hook up and start tracking fish.

The fish finder exhibits the vision that’s below water also supplies you with the ideal fishing trip.

The Vexilar SP200 transducer works together with many screen sizes. Greater screen size could offer a far greater visual affirmation with the visual display.


The equipment isn’t hard to read and utilize. Its functionality works with the smartphone or tablet machine you’re using. The one thing you want to accomplish to be sure the item is working correctly and use the application. 

The program is the thing that links into the transducer and intercepts the info and data back to the telephone that you examine. The phone, along with the transducer, must become fully charged. This will decrease any delay as you’re choosing the fish below the water.


Though the exceptional smartphone transducer will be used for practically any fishing experience. This Vexilar fish-finder works great when outside fishing at the ship. It can link to the smartphone along with IOS gadget.

Even a 12-volt battery is necessary to control the transducer for that info to be flashed into the telephone number. There’s just a creative quality which enables you to scroll down and up without even the need to drive to get data that is accurate.


There’s double ray beam technology assembled to this tiny device. It delivers a 200 kHz which enables you to view under the water. The beam gives a visual of 240 feet below the surface.

Whenever you use the Vexilar SP200, you’re able to observe where the fish are hiding underwater. It permits you to see your lure down do on to the deep water. This shows the fish arriving into the bait that offers accurate fish catching ability.

Pros & Cons Of Vexilar SP200

  • The Vexilar SP200 has built-in double beam technologies.
  • It functions using tablets and smartphones.
  • It may read 240 feet immersed.
  • The transducer is hooked directly to your cellphone or tablet.
  • There Isn’t Any limitation on display dimensions compatibility.
  • The device enables you to scroll down and up without even casting new readings.
  • It Features a visual screen of this lure entering the water.
  • It reveals that the fish which are swimming into a lure.
  • This item works well on fishing ships.
  • It’s not working correctly using all the application installed.

FishingGear-Guide Opinion: Vexilar SP200 Review

Even the Vexilar sp200 fish finder is a unique product to utilize while fishing. This are installed in a tablet or smartphone. It works perfectly with any monitor size. It’s not difficult to connect and use with very minimal work.

The transducer relays the vision and data to the device that’s wirelessly connected. It’s essential to get an electric source in the event the gadget needs to be charged.

The transducer is small and compacted but works precisely as more significant fish finder models available on the marketplace. You’re able to watch the vision in your phone when watching the fish chase your lure. The item can display an image out of 240 feet deeply submerged.

The Vexilar SP200 review might help you decide if this is the product that you have imagined. This product may be the best product to improve your fishing abilities and also enhance the number of the fish that you catch.

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