Vexilar SP200 Review! T-Box Smartphone Fish Finder

Vexilar SP200 review

The Vexilar SP200 can be just really an excellent product for a fish finder. This unit is compact and has been constructed to connect with some smartphone. It’s an ideal instrument to choose on smaller and kayaks size fishing ships. The product is just actually a transducer which can connect into the smartphone. The transducer … Read more

Vexilar SP100 Review: Most Buy SonarPhone W/Transducer Pod

Vexilar SP100 Review: Most Buy SonarPhone W/Transducer Pod

Vexilar SP100 Review: There were days once you had to await the fishes for trapped at the net that you just set to them. As everything went digital, you require only the ability of one’s fingertips and the finder too. You may come across a lot of finders out there available which includes the display. … Read more

Lowrance Hook-3x Dsi Fishfinder Review: Know Before Buy

lowrance hook-3x Dsi Fishfinder

Lowrance Hook-3x Dsi Fishfinder: As most of you might be already considering getting a Fish Finder and also a few come to the center of the reviews that they can find the perfect one. We’ve thought to offer a selection regarding a version out of the Lowrance brand. The brand requires no intro; then you … Read more

How To Choose a Fishing Rod: Ulitmate Guide

How To Choose a Fishing Rod: Ulitmate Guide

Though buying a new fishing rod is an exciting matter to new as well as an experienced angler, it is a daunting prospect too. How to choose a fishing rod from a wide variety of rods by beginners is a challenging decision. Whether the fishing reel will be short or long, flexible or stiff, fiberglass- … Read more

How to Catch Fish in River? – FishingGear-Guide

How to Catch Fish in River?

Have you never gone river fishing before? Don’t worry. Fishing either in a large or in a small river needs learning some tips and techniques. River fishing is nothing but a skill that is garnished by practice. Moreover, the primary requirement is your effort. You need to learn reading the currents of the water and … Read more

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