Humminbird Piranhamax 197c Di Review: Humminbird has several goods stopped so you might tell they have gone dead and now they are silent. However, some of their versions still exist and outlines the universe than the light. And of them 197c di.

In reality, you can imagine the writing is about the 197c Humminbird piranha max review.

However, among many of the fishermen, Humminbird is still popular, and if you’re a fan of this brand, the writing will allow you to know about your pattern.

As the Fishfinding World of 197c still rules, with Humminbird piranha max 197c di we thought about the commodity’s deconstruction.

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My Humminbird Piranhamax 197c Di Review

The unit is a good boost in the hunt for fish overall and does its job very well. Although you can often get annoyed by the limited screen size and Fish ID+, if you’re going for the Finder results, this is awesome.

And we hope you can decide whether you want to do it with Humminbird piranha max 197c di review.

Key Features of the Humminbird Piranhamax 197c Di 


It helps to assess depth immediately because of the presence of sonar technology. It changes so that it can view the fish and the bottom.

Besides, sound waves from the transducer are typically transmitted to water via Sonar technology. And with the sonar returns, a time frame with objects found as the boat travels will be reflected.

So with this equipment, you are indeed modified.

The DualBeam sonar, however, uses around 200/455 kHz in Humminbird Piranhamax 197c.

At a frequency of 200 kHz, the larger beam forms a cone angle of 28 degrees while the narrower beam forms a cone of 16 degrees at 455 kHz.

The Fish ID+:

When you grasp the wonders of Fish ID+, the finder will translate the sonar returns for you. This functionality lets you see a fish icon after setting up and detecting fish around the trap area. It not only helps to allocate the icons to incoming transducer information.

It’s easy for individuals to read the information, particularly for beginners. Via this Fish ID +, debris with fish may often be misinterpreted, and the fish icon is alerted.

But that might make you a little angry, and it’s not a positive outcome for you.


The piranha max 197c di Humminbird is fitted with a fish alarm, a signal when a sonar detects a fish that includes a particular scale. A depth warning can also be located, which operates only if the depth is less than the values chosen.

The finder also has an alarm battery which ranges whether the battery is the same or less than the configuration.


A built-in sensor for measuring and tracking water temperatures is provided in the transducer on Humminbird piranha max 197c di. The explanation is that different fish types have other temperature preferences.

For instance, lake trout thrive in water between 48 and 52 F in species such as largemouth bass. Therefore, you need a method to calculate the temperature to understand the water environment.

Screen Views: Display

A 3.5-inch color TFT screen is offered for this fishfinder. In short, the finder does not honestly produce a high-quality picture with a tiny screen.

In this situation, it might trick you. However, an LED backlight would be available so that you can read the show in any luminous state.

The finder shows fundamental adjustments and produces a contours profile of the bottom of the boat. The system has Sonar View, which allows you to measure the various intensities of color returns.

Pros & Cons of Humminbird Piranhamax 197c Di

  • Lasting building
  • Screen Quick to Read
  • Comprehensive controls for the menu
  • Imaging by Downscan
  • Mounting bracket adjustable
  • Model Waterproof
  • 320-600-foot depth scale
  • For enhanced power, dual beam
  • Cost-effective preparation
  • Mount tilting for ease
  • Visible Backlit Show in Sunlight
  • Alarms of Fish and Depth
  • For certain people, the screen could be too small for
  • The alarm can sound suddenly in some instances.

FAQ’s of the Humminbird Piranhamax 197c Di 

1.Does it come with transducer?

Yeah, the transducer comes with it.

2.Can you use this for ice fishing?

Yeah, as long as the transducer is in the water, you can use this to fish ice.

3.Does the unit show you additional data, like water temperature and boat speed?

It certainly includes a sensor for water temperature, but the boat speed feature won’t be provided.

4.Can I change the readings to metric (Celsius, meters, etc.)?

Yeah, from the foot to the meters and from the Fahrenheit to the Celsius, you should adjust the measuring system.

FishingGear-Guide View: Humminbird Piranhamax 197c Di

You’ve certainly seen some super high-tech models out there that come with a range of features if you’re familiar with fish finders these days. There does not appear to be any limit to how many they can do, from huge touchscreens to downloadable applications.

Do you actually have the money for anything like that, however? These days, high-end finders will easily cost over a grand, which suggests that to make that sort of investment, you have to be very serious about fishing.

We think that the Piranhamax 197c has everything you need to make your next trip a success, unless you have any pressing need to go for a deluxe high-end fish finder. The one real downside is the absence of GPS, but then you’re safe if you have one along.

We appreciate, first of all, the extensive features that are included with this unit. Secondly, given how pricey fish locators can be these days, we love the price. Overall, this is the model for you if you’re only looking for something easy and successful.

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