By reading my articles, you have probably realized that i love to write about fishing gadgets.  It is going to come as no surprise I was in line when the industry was to enter on by fish finders.

I was really in. I moved and purchased the flashiest and largest FishFinder I may detect –and which has been one.

I have heard a lot since that time. I have listened never to be intimidated with the flashiest features. Also, I would love to help save you from making a mistake. Many people search for the best fish finder for ocean kayak but confuse when they go into the market to buy one. 

This is precisely why I chose to print this Humminbird Helix 9 review.

Facts to Think About Before Purchasing a Humminbird Helix 9 Review

If you should be taking a look only at that Humminbird Helix 9 SI inspection, you’ve previously heard of or had experience using a FishFinder.

There is absolutely no wonder they are sometimes of good use. They will be able to assist you to discover where those fish are to identify what’s happening from the water.

I know. There is nothing quite as coming up vacant. Not when you realize others are successful. The probability may raise your trips will probably soon be prosperous.

They’re also able to help you make sure you could stay on course back again to it and indicate a prime spot. Will probably do much more and all of that, however, it’s not affordable.

Maybe your outlay currently definitely going to be well worth it for you personally?

You must look into how frequently you are likely to put it to use. It’s not likely worth the outlay if fishing can be still an off-and-on hobby to you. It may be an excellent purchase if you are outside every weekend.

Yet another aspect to think about is the sort of fishing you’re going to do. This sonar with frequencies can prove invaluable. In the event, you are fishing in various unique areas.

If you should be fishing in roughly precisely the identical thickness, and at approximately precisely the same place, you can eliminate having a version which is appropriate to the kind of depths.

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Our Humminbird Helix 9 Review

The Humming Bird Helix promises up cushioning on your ship to a depth of 200 feet. The business asserts it offers you an entire opinion of this underside and also is going to show plainly defined goals.

This version supplies MEGA Down Imaging + sonar. It’s a progress of this MEGA Down Imaging sonar and provides a 20 per cent advancement in definition and image clarity. It’s possible to fix the picture.

Humminbird has comprised its base maps along with navigation. You’re able to indicate obstacles waypoints, and so forth across the way.

The features are fantastic; however, the purchase cost is at the top range for all these services and products. If you are just like to research a fisher and are interested in being able to hit on the mark, then this is just a fantastic selection.

If you should be more also on a budget, there are options available which is going to be excellent for you.

Pros & Cons Of Humminbird Helix 9

  • Crystal-clear pictures
  • highly Accurate
  • Full GPS + Humminbird foundation maps
  • Auto Chart Live Enables You to create your maps
  • Nice Huge display
  • Perhaps not Just a Feeling display
  • Perhaps not the best option if You Are trolling
  • Features and Advantages

Features Of Humminbird Helix 9 Review

HD Screen

You obtain. That is amazing because you will not ever need to think about chasing an older boot which reads just like a bass. You will have the ability to see what’s happening in the water. Image quality is superb. However, the size may be a deterrent in tiny boats, such as, for instance, a kayak, in that case, there could be something similar however more suitably sized.

H-D Radar

Authentic, the radar isn’t going to assist you in finding fish; however, it is going to mean not getting lost in the mist, or through the nighttime. It will also prevent you from bumping into items from the sport as they can be detected by it up to 24 miles off.

Most of us must stay safe. You cannot account fully for others’ activities. The radar here will probably provide you fair warning when something or someone is currently going to get the own circumstance.

SwitchFire Sonar

This is among the features with the version. Technology enables you to fix to water requirements. In the event the water is choppy. Also, it’s becoming shallower, hit on the clear-mode to get rid of the clutter and find yourself a picture. In ideal terms, utilize the Max Mode and do not overlook an item.

The transition can be as simple as pressing a button, which means you will reach concentrate more.

Double SD Card Slots

1 SD card slot ensures you could add these devices and a reasonable quantity of memory. Two methods you receive double the ability. That the one slot is useful that you insert, such as, for instance, a customized-made graph.

The slot will be for one to make of them and also incorporate mapping apps. These two are to the very front to make it a lot easier to modify out the cards.


With the fish-finder models that are more straightforward, you are going to find a readout of data; however, the diagnosis will be left as much as you.

With the Helix 9, you obtain the SmartStrike app. This plan will test data to get the location to install when fishing.

It carries river data, statistics that is seasonal, and also the climate conditions into consideration. Learn more regarding SmartStrike here.

Pros Of Humminbird Helix 9 Review

Crystal-Clear Images

The graphics you will simply get are superior, and also the more expensive screen usually means you need not worry about going at them. You have to concentrate on grabbing the fish using glances at the monitor on occasion.

With models, you’ve got to drop everything you are doing this you inspect the monitor and can proceed over.

The image quality is a thing which I find amazing. Its photo-realistic, which means you’re going to see a view of what exactly is happening under the ship.

Exemplary Navigational System

The system can be just actually really a plus whether you or if you are an explorer. It’s possible to safely fish in conditions comprehending that the radar will give you early warning of some potential hazards.

Remember about this”I have lost in the snowball explanation” though. You are going to need to get another explanation to explain why you spent such a long time on the water.

Cons Of Humminbird Helix 9 Review


It’s challenging to get things that are bad to say concerning its particular version. Humminbird has come up you’ll discover of use again and again. With this specific version would be that the price, in all honesty, I would say the main drawback.

It will put you back a reasonable volume, although it isn’t the version available. That is to be expected. There is a whole great deal of tech. That’s minimal comfort.

Within this regard, I do believe the price tag is well worth it. If you cannot afford it right 16, I’d counsel saving for somewhat.

Maybe not Excellent for Trolling

The difficulty we found was that it is perhaps not great for if you are searching. The beam is focused on the bottom of the ship. This provides a range moving down to it however isn’t much help in regards from what’s happening at the aftermath up.

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FishingGear-Guide Opinion

The system delivers in spades. You are likely to think it’s great if you are an enthusiastic angler. Go on a break along with you and have a look at new fishing areas.

You can get models that are more economical but not one which you are getting here.

Since it enables one to concentrate, you’re there — fishing, I enjoy this that you do not need to pay off your time in the water small with preferences or faking to observe just a screen.

There is no need to create a sense of blips on the radar.

You have it analyze the ideal fishing areas for you and may cheat a bit personally. I’ve sort of feeling when it regards the SmartStrike feature In all honesty. It’s a short cut, although it is useful.

I need this to be my fish, and that explains the reason I do hit on that button.

This is the best thing about the system; it will probably be your secret, and you could choose just how much help you would like to buy to offer you — there is a constant will have to inform your mates you’ve come to be a fishing ace.

That is assuming you never desire to get your friends green with jealousy. I have to be fair here.

Is this? Avoid being silly. You also know precisely just how dedicated I am for my subscribers, although it’s undoubtedly one of the better models in the marketplace right now; however, there are upgrades to consider.

I should test the fishing kayaks available on the industry. Someone has to complete it, although it’s a hard job. Have a look at this fish-finder master-piece.

Last Words

Finding your path straight back and Choosing the ideal fishing areas can be debatable. It’s simple enough — only select a landmark and decide about it, should they genuinely be near to the coast. Further outside one wave appears like another.

The Helix 9 takes of the guesswork from finding it and identifying a fantastic spot. You’ll have to discover what’s happening from the water, and also the GPS lets you indicate the places.

You’ll recognize where they are biting although I cannot guarantee that you’ll hook up the fish. It is an astonishing bit of technology that is going to be an advantage to some anglers.

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