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The Humminbird Helix 5 Review SI can be just a streamlined bass socket for vessel fishers that comes with also a builtin GPS, a 480 x 800 display technology for imaging, down-imaging, plus also design.

Other models from the Helix 5 show offer along with Even the SI, for the large part the exact features as the ones from the series. The noticeable difference is that the Helix 5 includes a bigger screen and can be far more appropriate to smaller boats. This fish finder is compact, and also transducer and the machine are simple to mount.

Since the system has an integrated GPS using plotting, you need to utilize it to browse on a pond or lake into popular fishing areas. The Helix 5 SI supplies you with comprehensive and accurate info in water.

If you fish out of large or motorized watercraft, but Helix 5 may be too small to accommodate the fishing requirements. You also can well be better off with a fish-finder such as The Helix 7 or some bigger version that may provide higher rates, three or even more divide viewpoints, and denser water.

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Pros & Cons Of Humminbird Helix 5

  • Durable structure and IPX7 waterproof rating
  • User Friendly Having an intuitive interface
  • side-by-side scanning with comprehensive imaging
  • Constructed GPS using an Extensive mapping performance
  • CHIRP technologies to get detailed information screen
  • Mounting choices are restricted.
  • The display Might Be too little for a few anglers.
  • Preloaded maps Aren’t comprehensive.

Key Points of Humminbird Helix 5 Series

There should be some noteworthy attention if you compare these fish finders. The Helix 5 uses a 5″ display in landscape orientation to create the most of the GPS along with Side/Down Imaging capacities. Where the side Imaging looks scrunched on a 600 list, it’s got the full 5″ widescreen over the Helix 5.

Substantial Characteristics / Low Cost — For $500, now you can get yourself the complete-featured Negative Imaging, Down Imaging, GPS combo fish-finder. That’s a significant value for end sonar capabilities.

High-Resolution Display – The Helix 5 includes a picture 800×480 pixel, 256 colour TFT screen. Consider it this way — an 800 Series display is two-inch more prominent but gets the same resolution!

Non-network-able – While a number of these models are Side and Down Imaging capable, they are non-networkable for controlling price and making it affordable.

Mounting – The Helix 5 mounts into the ship with a new plastic gimbal bracket, substituting the old, recognizable quick disconnect mounting system that’s been in existence for several decades.

It comes with the dash dimension of 7.55″ Width x 4.28″ Height x 1.13″ Depth

GPS Mapping – Helix 5 will probably operate on Lake Master or even Navionics Gold/Hot Maps MicroSD cards. The micro-sd card slot is on the left side of this Fish Finder.

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Features Of Humminbird Helix 5 Review

Display and Resolution

Based To fish finder any number at the name of the product identifies the screen dimensions, and which applies in with Humminbird. The Helix 5 comes with a display that sets it among their services and products that are lowest priced. Even though the majority of folks would rather have a 9-inch or even 7-inch version, this form variable is kayakers, and smaller ship owners love the item. You’re able to squeeze it in compact spaces.

You may Think small screen lacks clarity; however, it has designed to be comprehensive and features a resolution of 480×800 pixels; this is very great for a display of this dimension. The array of 256 colours, shapes may discover decent fishing areas and is brilliant, which makes it simple to differentiate colours. So you can observe the screen irrespective of light requirements it backlit.

The display Is little; however, it also packs a punch concerning resolution and vibrancy.

Side Imaging

The Helix 5 Was referred to among the very first fish finders to offer unwanted imaging. Several men and women state the Helix 5 does it, although this tech is becoming cheaper, therefore that there are different alternatives available.

With this Version, you obtain unwanted imaging to get a thickness of 100 feet and a terrain of 480 feet, providing you with an excellent look. That is carried out by this sonar pulsing outside on every side in 455kHz. Negative imaging does not supply the image; however, it allows you to know whether you will find a few fish around the ship which you ought to stop. 

Down Imaging

Seeing What’s right under your ship with clarity offers you an advantage when finding fish. This offers you a more “fish-eye” perspective of this water, and that means that you may view exactly what’s done out there. Helix 5 models arrive with imaging technology that is downward, allowing pictures to be seen by you which imaging type s can’t replicate.

It is Perfect if you are searching for something special, or if you only want to observe what’s right beneath the boat?

SwitchFire Sonar

A maker of Humminbird models is that their SwitchFire sonar. This tool includes two preferences to customize the sonar image. Manner, because it sounds, gives graphics to you you can write fish and other items out. Max style, alternatively, can be much better for watching humanmade thermoclines or pieces and works.

Still another Benefit of this SwitchFire is its system. Things are colour-coded dependent on how long they have been to a boat. Whereas items are much away shown in blue colour, orange items are incredibly close. Do not enjoy it like that? It’s possible to customize the colours to fit your preferences.

CHIRP along with Dual Beam Sonar

The Majority of those Helix 5 models arrive with CHIRP imaging along with sonar technology that is Dual Beam. Both of them are different, so let us enter precisely what makes them so unique. CHIRP imaging is still really actually just a sonar technology at which waves have been used and also the image is returned for you. This promotes the space rendering it simpler to identify what each thing is precise.

Dual Beam is Yet Still another sonar imaging technique which allows you balance clarity and distance. You’re able to select a column if you’d like a column for more prominent policy at the expense of transparency, or clarity but terrain system. Both may be applied to provide you with fishing areas and graphics.


Perhaps among this Helix 5’s most significant characteristics could be your SmartStrike. Fish is seen or predicated on many aspects. The Helix 5 GPS gathers this data making it simple to uncover fishing areas for particular fish. Scatter in waterbody season, weather conditions, and also the sort of fish and even the Smart strike card may go to work, letting you know where fish will be crunching numbers.

This provides You with an enormous advantage in having and finding your fish.  This can be a feature as you ought to become specific concerning advice that is provided. Still, the majority of folks can discover to utilize this particular tool in a small period.

GPS Capabilities

You can Locate an internal GPS with helix models. The GPS enables you to upto 2,500 way-points along with 45 paths, which are decent considering its size. You might connect the GPS and AutoChart Live to ensure you download maps that will aid you in finding suitable fishing areas and can make your very own maps that are exceptional.

In addition to This, you will find numerous sorts of GPS channels. You will find ones for local Vegetation hardlines and satellite imaging throughout Lake Master PLUS.

Fishing Gear Guide Opinion: Humminbird Helix 5 Review

The Humminbird helix 5 offers a various number of models within its particular category. It has an affordable price and size. It includes all the technology that can be found in Humminbird. To name them, some of them are CHIRP technology, GPS, and Chart plotting on the computer program. 

You can upgrade the Helix 5 SI from the near long run by adding applications or channels with a micro sd card or substituting the transducer. Other characteristics with the fish-finder comprise full-color imaging, powerful sonar, structure down, and side-scanning, long with maps.

Even this fish-finder has drawbacks. However, they take anything. The merchandise can increase your fishing experience.  Conditions that the Helix 5 SI includes a little monitor and mounting brackets which may be made better.

Coast anglers or fisherman could be aggravated with the Helix 5 SI. Once you’re out fishing in a pond, reservoir, or pond, if you’re a boat fisherman, this FishFinder can offer you everything you’ll require.


The Humminbird helix 5 provides several models included in its category. It’s the size and a reasonable price. Some are GPS technology, and Chart plotting, on the computer program.

Faculties with all the Fish Finder comprise powerful sonar, imaging down, structure, along with side-scanning, together side maps.

This Fish Finder has drawbacks. But Any such thing is taken by them. Your fishing experience can boost.

Note: Many times due to their financial problems, some people want the best cheap fish finder for kayak, which will be under their budget. 

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