Have you never gone river fishing before? Don’t worry. Fishing either in a large or in a small river needs learning some tips and techniques. River fishing is nothing but a skill that is garnished by practice. Moreover, the primary requirement is your effort.

You need to learn reading the currents of the water and to understand the freshwater tackle, living requirements of fishes in the river, and river fishing gear. Keep in mind, fishes will be concentrated in places where they will find their food and shelter. Here we will discuss how to catch fish in river? that will allow you to catch fish in the river easily.

Fishing Tips: How To Catch In Fish River?

The easiest way to find fishes in the river is to think and consider the areas where fishes can take shelter from predators and current. A lot of areas of river body can provide shelter to fish. Like other animals, fishes also seek shelter and food. Fishes generally assemble in areas that meet their needs. The areas along the bank that has overhanging branches or sunken trees will hold fish. The rivers having a lot of natural structures are the best fishing rivers. These areas protect fishes from current and predators as well as offer an ideal place for game fish to trap prey.

What is essential is to think like a fish before fishing in a river. Don’t use the river fishing gear first and just take a walk along the bank of the river noticing the water a bit more closely. Examine where the water is faster or slower, whether there are trees, bends, deeper pools, or weed beds, and in which places of river fishes will be safe from predators. Get well acquainted with the watercraft and then start fishing. The places like calm areas or eddies, islands, and rock piles, merging currents and stumps & vegetation will hold fish.

Calm Areas or Eddies

River eddies occur where a sand bar, a fallen tree, or large boulder obstruct fast-moving water. These obstructions allow water to flow back upstream because the object forces the water to do so. Bubbles on the surface of water, insects, and other food that fishes feed on get caught in eddies. Fishes like to live here because the prey on which fishes depend get swept into these spots. Here the current is slower than the surrounding areas. So food floats to fishes.

Utilize the current and by allowing the current drop your gear into the calm areas so that your lure finishes up before a fish. The swirling current of the calm areas causes difficulty to maintain lure action in the case of a spinner. You should practice how to position yourself correctly. Cast into the adjacent current or the rapid closest to the eddy and allow your bait to rest and drift naturally into the eddy for a few moments. Find fishes by throwing your lure into different portions of the calm areas.

Stumps & Vegetation

Undercut banks or areas underneath bushes or overhanging branches provide shade from the sun and protection from birds or aerial predators. Therefore, these areas offer good spots for fishing. Here the fishes concentrate to grab food because they can quickly return to cover. Don’t overlook undercut banks, stumps, and vegetation because these places are excellent spots to cast your line. Over-hanging tree branches along the shore create a shelter over the border. The forested sections of the rivers are ideal spots for fishes. The river-current gets slow at shallow stretches of water. Both aquatic insects and soil insects float on the water.

Casing your lure under foliage from undercut banks is challenging. Here you need to utilize the water current and let the water current push your lure. Fishes face difficulty to get a hold of your lure due to adjacent fast-moving water. Don’t worry, cast multiple times from the same place.

Islands And Rock Piles

When you are out for fishing, you must pay attention to islands and rock piles. These areas are ideal places which offer shelter for fishes. There are calmer water and slower current on the downstream side of the islands. After facing upstream when fishes get tired, they take rest on the downstream side of islands and rock piles. These pockets of a water body may be small or large.

Cast your lure from the right spot of islands and you will surely get a nice fish or fishes from here. Try to reap the advantage of water current. When your lure sinks for a bit, you need to reel it back gently. The calm water of islands and rock piles provide safe shelter and food for fishes. So, these places are good spots for fishing

Merging Currents

When swift current merges with calm water, a current seam is created. When small inlet streams flow into lakes or when a stream flows into a river, you will find current seams. You will find a school of fish at these locations where they will get a steady delivery of food.

When one current is merged with another current, current seams create isolated, smaller pockets of calmer water that hold fishes. As these places are surrounded by the swifter current, they may throw challenges to you to catch fish here. You will face difficulty to present your lure at these spots.

FishingGear-Guide Opinion: How To Catch Fish In River?

Now, let’s discuss the techniques and baits that will work best at the time of river fishing. Bottom bouncing is one of the most popular river fishing techniques. Upstream casting is another river fishing technique that you may apply. Use in-line spinners casting upstream for rainbow trout. This creates a natural food source presentation. Jigs are one of the best attractions for river fishing. Use ¼ or 1/8 ounce jigs in areas near the mouth of the river, or areas of slow current. Use 1-ounce jigs in areas of the fast current.

If you don’t know how to start fishing, follow these above mentioned simple tips and techniques.

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