The Striker 7dv is one of the fish discoverers of Garmin that was stopped a while ago. The newest model is the Garmin Striker Plus 73sv, replaced by the 7dv model.

In reality, there are two models of 010-01553-00 and 010-01553-01 for this older Garmin device.

The distinction is not the transducer since they are all fitted with the GT20-TM (4-pin). Documentation is the only distinction between both.

Unit -00 is supplied with English documentation, while unit -01 contains many languages. The 010-01553-00 model will be covered in this article.

My Garmin Striker 7dv Review

Another robust fish-finding model, the Garmin Striker 7 DV, has much to bring to all fans.

This particular model is constructed with high pressure, waterproof case that protects the software and components in all types of weather and water.

It uses a versatile GPS app to find where you are on a map whenever you fish. The GPS allows you to watch your preferred way spots and revisit them later to maintain a plan of your most popular fishing spots.

It even tells the speed of your boat to see how soon you are on the water. Besides, this model uses an interactive waypoint map to display items like bumps, docks, and brush piles around you.

This finder is designed to give you a better view of fish around your vessel using the CHIRP precision sonar system.

This unique sonar uses high- and low-frequency continuous emission to target your fish. This also allows you to see the fish more clearly, crisply and separate them better.

Features Of Garmin Striker 7dv Review  


Compared to their EchoMAP predecessors, Garmin Striker 7dv is a pretty lightweight case that makes the solution for outdoor applications easier.

The rating of its water-resistance is IP-X7 so that the device can not be affected by fog, splash, or unintended water in 3.3′ for up to 30 minutes. However, the “X” in the ranking does not mean that stable substances like dust have not been checked.

The interface allows you to use up to three multiple panels in split-screen mode and the extra monitor size enables the observation of sonar and GPS.

The monitor even has a backlight that can be adjusted to make it illuminated and in direct sunlight.

High Durability

The first thing we particularly liked about this model is that it is truly robust. This model has been constructed to survive the harshest weather or water to protect against corrosion, damage, or breakup.


The GPS built into this device is stellar to give you a position on every water body and help you fish.

This GPS has integrated memory so that all the favorite fishing spots can be saved in your finder’s memory directly. It’s nice to get back to all your favorite fishing places.


The CHIRP sonar device used to locate your next grab is a highlighting aspect of this model. To give you a more clearly-faced view of the fish, the CHIRP machine constantly emits a high and low-frequency current.

This device offers crisp and smoother edges so you can clearly distinguish the goal on the board.


Garmin Striker 7dv has a high sensitivity GPS but has no guides. The device does not have a card reader and is not compliant with any maps.

The GPS helps you measure your vessel’s average speed and identify your current coordinates and locate future POIs.

This device allows you with really expression icons to save up to 5,000 waypoints and record your current route for more secure backtracking in terms of places of interest. You may also swap the backup information with other Strikers or echoMAP combos.


The unit will share its recordings and the data it has stored with other combos of strikers or echoMAP cartograms, as already discussed in this Garmin Striker 7dv analysis.

As it DOES NOT comes with reloaded maps and charts, Garmin applications developed explicitly for Chartplotter software are of limited benefit. Striker 7dv also doesn’t have a card reader, so you can’t use U.S. LakeVü HD to load your laptop with HD charts.

The Pros & Cons Of Garmin Striker 7dv

  • The first thing any angler loves about this sweet fish finds is that it is designed to endure any environmental conditions you might picture outdoors. Garmin built sturdy housing around the superb fishermen that you will face staying harsh maritime environments when on the water.
  • This model also has a high-quality GPS that helps you locate the exact location on any water body, and don’t worry about losing yourself. The GPS also has integrated memory to store all of your favorite fishing spots and points of interest and then return to them later.
  • The GPS will also display the speed of your boat on the dashboard, so you still know how easily it.
  • The unit also features an interactive waypoint map to help you access and navigate objects like brush piles, docks, and stumps.
  • This fishfinder searches for fish around you with high-quality CHIRP sonar. It sends a constant high and low-frequency range to show you the surrounding area and the fish. The sonar device incorporated into the model gives you a broader range of details while offering a smoother and more snapshot of the fish arches and improved isolation of targets.
  • This unit is very standard and basic. It offers no exceptional features to distinguish it from the rest of the pack.

Fishing Gear Guide Opinion:

The Garmin Striker 7dv is an excellent unit for freshwater use but can also be a sustainable device for offshore fishing at higher depths, given its good depth capabilities.

As it may not, for instance, be the best option as a kayak fish finder, as the unit is larger than the unit Striker 4, it is undoubtedly ideal for almost all bass boats or even larger ships.

This is an excellent choice for any angler who does not want superior navigational functionality but needs an intense sonar in their fish finder. Finally, it’s a unit of outstanding price worth.

FAQ’s Of Garmin Striker 7dv Review

What is the difference between Garmin striker and EchoMap?

The Striker Plus Series delivers state-of-the-art sonar features from Garmin but without reloaded charts. The Echomap series contains all the Striker Plus sonar characteristics, but it also enables supplied maps.

Does the Garmin striker 7dv come with maps?

Garmin Striker 7dv has a high sensitivity GPS but has no guides. The device does not have a card reader and is not compliant with any maps.

What is the difference between Garmin CV and SV?

Ultra High Definition ClearVu and high-wide traditional CHIRP sonar are available in the CV models. Garmins SV models feature SideVu, ClearVu, and traditional chirp sonar Ultra High Definition. Six “Only CV models are offered. Seven “As CV or SV versions models are available.

Does Garmin striker 4 have Down Imaging?

Ultra-High Resolution ClearVu sonar and high, wide conventional CHIRP sonar are used on CV models. The Ultra High Definition SideVu and ClearVu sonar are available in Garmins SV models of traditional chirp sonar. Six! “Only CV versions are available. 7 Seven “CV or SV models are sold.

Does this unit come with the transducer?

The GARMIN CHIRP(77/200 kHz) transducer STRIKER 5cv gives the fish and structure a much clearer degree and more information than standard 77/200 kHz.

Does this come with a cover or case?

Yes, this product does come with a good case.

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