If you are wondering about buying a fish finder then you can blindly trust On Garmin Company because no one can replace it.. & YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PLACE.

In this article, we will discuss the Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finder Review

The reviews have taken from some of the experts in the fishing and also by some of our friends. We also have shared some of our experiences while using this fish finder. There are various options to choose the best fish finder for kayak and small boats in the market, but every kayak has a unique ability. 

So let’s begin

Look for Before Buying Garmin Striker 4 Review

A fish-finder needs a complete good understanding of the guesswork from fishing. With one in your ship, you increase your success rate and also your patience is inclined to want to go unrewarded.

The Striker for designs our best set for kayaks here, since if you fish out of these, or perhaps even a kayak, a short fish-finder just such as the Garmin Striker 4 is perfect for assisting you to realize your immersed environment and find fish from your township. A fish-finder that is streamlined can be a feasible option when you fish out of the boat in the river or a lake.

For beach fishing or surf-fishing, but you’ll want a fish-finder that is castable that you join a computer with wifi with a smartphone or tablet computer. Fish garnish with displays could not be acceptable for commercial fishing deep sea fishing, or even contests since these fish-finders do not contain presentation or find fish than approximately 1,500 feet.

Think of which you type information and fish you desire while fishing, including topographical facts structure, water temperature, vessel speed, the fish locations, along with a vision.

Since you need your FishFinder to be harmonious with your gear, It’s also wise to assess your fishing equipment and watercraft. By way of instance, does your craft have a point from the hull? Do you have a GPS with a record of one’s fishing areas?

You may carry on looking over that Garmin Striker 4 inspection to learn if this really could be the fish-finder for the fishing installation and price range after considering your fishing setting attentively.

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Our Garmin Striker 4 Review

The Garmin Striker 4 can be just a budget-friendly, entry-level sonar system well fit for finding fish with small boats. The Striker 4 supplies a lot of the exact features as the Garmin Striker 7SV, for example, GPS, side-imaging, along with also a userfriendly interface.

There are several differences. The Striker 4 is far much significantly less expensive, although the Striker 4 includes a much bigger screen than the Striker 7SV.

Your fishing experience can be enhanced by the Striker 4 considerably though you’re a fisherman. This fish-finder CHIRP sonar tech along with includes all of the characteristics you require for river or lake fishing.

But if you typically fish from warm water bodies more potent than 1,600 feet or should you want a roomy 7″ monitor for showing lots of information in some time, consider several of those additional alternatives within this particular range.

Pros & Cons Of Garmin Striker 4

  • A Fair fish finder having Highend qualities
  • Double frequency capacity: 77/200 kHz along with 50/200kHz
  • Built-in GPS that reveals rate and that can save as Much as 5,000 WayPoints
  • Several sonar attributes, such as ultra-scroll, flasher, along with A-Scope
  • Comes with a CHIRP 2 D sonar along with CHIRP transducer
  • The device Doesn’t show latitude and longitude data
  • Small display dimensions
  • Does not contain NMEA connectivity

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Features and Benefits Of Garmin Striker 4 Review


The Striker 4 features a full-colour 3.5″ touchscreen that’s vertically oriented using a couple of buttons for navigation. The screen delivers a 200 kHz scanning to provide a large and visible image. You can utilize the 7 7 kHz reading, that may supply a scanning area to you.

Though the screen is more significant compared to those of fish-finders, it’s adequate for showing baitfish the structure, and species.

GPS Capabilities

Along with working for you detect bass, the Striker 4 may also offer you navigational benefits having its right built-in GPS.

It is possible to take advantage of this feature. You and tens of thousands of way-points might plot your path between fishing locations and your pier. Even the GPS tracking software supplies you with the possibility to observe the information in a readout and monitors the rate of your boat.

CHIRP Technology

The Striker 4 is still current among the very inexpensive fish noodle which includes CHIRP technology to explain to you exactly what lies below the top of the water.

Sonar units utilize signs to assemble underwater info. You require signs for frequencies and water penetration for collecting information that is detailed in water. Sonars emit one frequency, which restricts one to about graphic quality and water depth.

CHIRP sonars emit signals to supply you with a vision of structures that are tender and objects.


A few manners are offered by the Striker 4. The method exhibits underneath structure and objects that are submerged, fish arcs from the drinking water, as an instance. The flasher style divides the two sonar frequencies and indicates the thickness degrees of this water body.

The manner exhibits 70 kHz using a single screen and the 200 kHz. You can observe both column cones areas.

The way-point map shows locations and the location you’ve marked. You’re able to watch sonar screen along with the plan together. The section number style exhibits GPS rate contrasts.

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General User Impressions

Are well amazed at its accuracy and features the CHIRP technology. The fish finder features can also be helpful and accurate, mainly. Users are delighted about the value this very reasonably priced unit needs to offer you.

Exactly what Read-outs Can the Striker 4 Display?

Based upon you’ll be able to watch approximate birth time, water temperature, GPS rate, GPS going, the water depth, and also the timing of this afternoon.

Could Be your Striker 4 Water Proof?

The Striker 4 comes with a rating of IPX7, without water damage and mould, plus it will become wet.

Can the Striker 4 Possessing a Fish I D Feature?

Yes. When interpreting 2D sonar yields, the Fish ID feature is helpful. To activate this feature, visit the sonar screen, press the menu button and then scroll right down to sonar installation. Scroll to appearance and twist fish symbols. Choose the emblem for the level of skill.

Does This Come using a Battery?

The Striker 4 runs off on 12V battery which comes inbuilt.  You’re able to join along with some power battery and the fish-finder. You need to utilize that, For those who get a battery to your ship. The Striker 4 includes an indicator light that shows whether it’s currently charging. In the event the system is fully charged, it could last for more or a whole day.

FishingGear-Guide Opinion

The Garmin Striker 4 is more streamlined, cheap, and hardy. You may be sure you will have the ability to make utilize of it for years without having any difficulties. In the event, you obtain this fish finder.

Unlike many products within the size and cost kind, the Striker 4 includes several attributes, with probably the most noteworthy being builtin GPS and also the CHIRP technology. The 3.5″ screen is high res and can be readable in virtually all lighting situations, even bright sunshine. It may display a great deal of information based upon the manner that is selected Even though the monitor is small.

By the addition of to your display, the Striker 4 frequency capability and CHIRP 2 d sonar make up. Is its features, for example, class and way-point plotting and GPS rate readout.

The Striker 4 is still really a very important accession to this vessel fisherman’s handle, and you’ll have an application for this though you’re not looking for fish.

The machine isn’t without its drawbacks. As it’s a searchable fish-finder, the Striker 4 will not need precisely the exact advantages and attributes as high-energy features such as four-panel display, side view imaging, or even NMEA connectivity.

Despite best abilities, the Striker 4 will not always have longitude and latitude information. Consequently, you won’t have the ability to find a fishing spot using coordinates. Yet another thing is that they are delicate, and you also might need to fortify them.

Last Words

the ideal fishing system could be collapse if you don’t know what’s happening under your ship. A FishFinder can help you get the very best fishing areas to make sure you get a successful fishing adventure.

The Garmin Striker 4 is also excellent for small vessel fishing using its own smooth, uninterrupted vision between shallow and deep water, its own comprehensive, unique features, along with its compact dimensions.

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