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My Humminbird Helix 5 Review

The Humminbird Helix 5 Review SI can be just a streamlined bass socket for vessel fishers that comes with also a builtin GPS, a 480 x 800 display technology for imaging, down-imaging, plus also design.

Other models from the Helix 5 show offer along with Even the SI, for the large part the exact features as the ones from the series. The noticeable difference is that the Helix 5 includes a bigger screen and can be far more appropriate to smaller boats. This fish finder is compact, and also transducer and the machine are simple to mount.

Since the system has an integrated GPS using plotting, you need to utilize it to browse on a pond or lake into popular fishing areas. The Helix 5 SI supplies you with comprehensive and accurate info in water.

If you fish out of large or motorized watercraft, but Helix 5 may be too small to accommodate the fishing requirements. You also can well be better off with a fish-finder such as The Helix 7 or some bigger version that may provide higher rates, three or even more divide viewpoints, and denser water.

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Humminbird Helix 5 Review

Humminbird Helix 5 Review

Pros & Cons Humminbird Helix 5

  • Durable structure and IPX7 waterproof rating
  • User Friendly Having an intuitive interface
  • side-by-side scanning with comprehensive imaging
  • Constructed GPS using an Extensive mapping performance
  • CHIRP technologies to get detailed information screen
  • Mounting choices are restricted.
  • The display Might Be too little for a few anglers.
  • Preloaded maps Aren’t comprehensive.

Key Points of Humminbird Helix 5 Series

There should be some noteworthy attention if you compare these fish finders. The Helix 5 uses a 5″ display in landscape orientation to create the most of the GPS along with Side/Down Imaging capacities. Where the side Imaging looks scrunched on a 600 list, it’s got the full 5″ widescreen over the Helix 5.

Substantial Characteristics / Low Cost — For $500, now you can get yourself the complete-featured Negative Imaging, Down Imaging, GPS combo fish-finder. That’s a significant value for end sonar capabilities.

High-Resolution Display – The Helix 5 includes a picture 800×480 pixel, 256 colour TFT screen. Consider it this way — an 800 Series display is two-inch more prominent but gets the same resolution!

Non-network-able – While a number of these models are Side and Down Imaging capable, they are non-networkable for controlling price and making it affordable.

Mounting – The Helix 5 mounts into the ship with a new plastic gimbal bracket, substituting the old, recognizable quick disconnect mounting system that’s been in existence for several decades.

It comes with the dash dimension of 7.55″ Width x 4.28″ Height x 1.13″ Depth

GPS Mapping – Helix 5 will probably operate on Lake Master or even Navionics Gold/Hot Maps MicroSD cards. The micro-sd card slot is on the left side of this Fish Finder.

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Features Of Humminbird Helix 5 Review

Display and Resolution

Based To fish finder any number at the name of the product identifies the screen dimensions, and which applies in with Humminbird. The Helix 5 comes with a display that sets it among their services and products that are lowest priced. Even though the majority of folks would rather have a 9-inch or even 7-inch version, this form variable is kayakers, and smaller ship owners love the item. You’re able to squeeze it in compact spaces.

You may Think small screen lacks clarity; however, it has designed to be comprehensive and features a resolution of 480×800 pixels; this is very great for a display of this dimension. The array of 256 colours, shapes may discover decent fishing areas and is brilliant, which makes it simple to differentiate colours. So you can observe the screen irrespective of light requirements it backlit.

The display Is little; however, it also packs a punch concerning resolution and vibrancy.

Side Imaging

The Helix 5 Was referred to among the very first fish finders to offer unwanted imaging. Several men and women state the Helix 5 does it, although this tech is becoming cheaper, therefore that there are different alternatives available.

With this Version, you obtain unwanted imaging to get a thickness of 100 feet and a terrain of 480 feet, providing you with an excellent look. That is carried out by this sonar pulsing outside on every side in 455kHz. Negative imaging does not supply the image; however, it allows you to know whether you will find a few fish around the ship which you ought to stop. 

Down Imaging

Seeing What’s right under your ship with clarity offers you an advantage when finding fish. This offers you a more “fish-eye” perspective of this water, and that means that you may view exactly what’s done out there. Helix 5 models arrive with imaging technology that is downward, allowing pictures to be seen by you which imaging type s can’t replicate.

It is Perfect if you are searching for something special, or if you only want to observe what’s right beneath the boat?

SwitchFire Sonar

A maker of Humminbird models is that their SwitchFire sonar. This tool includes two preferences to customize the sonar image. Manner, because it sounds, gives graphics to you you can write fish and other items out. Max style, alternatively, can be much better for watching humanmade thermoclines or pieces and works.

Still another Benefit of this SwitchFire is its system. Things are colour-coded dependent on how long they have been to a boat. Whereas items are much away shown in blue colour, orange items are incredibly close. Do not enjoy it like that? It’s possible to customize the colours to fit your preferences.

CHIRP along with Dual Beam Sonar

The Majority of those Helix 5 models arrive with CHIRP imaging along with sonar technology that is Dual Beam. Both of them are different, so let us enter precisely what makes them so unique. CHIRP imaging is still really actually just a sonar technology at which waves have been used and also the image is returned for you. This promotes the space rendering it simpler to identify what each thing is precise.

Dual Beam is Yet Still another sonar imaging technique which allows you balance clarity and distance. You’re able to select a column if you’d like a column for more prominent policy at the expense of transparency, or clarity but terrain system. Both may be applied to provide you with fishing areas and graphics.


Perhaps among this Helix 5’s most significant characteristics could be your SmartStrike. Fish is seen or predicated on many aspects. The Helix 5 GPS gathers this data making it simple to uncover fishing areas for particular fish. Scatter in waterbody season, weather conditions, and also the sort of fish and even the Smart strike card may go to work, letting you know where fish will be crunching numbers.

This provides You with an enormous advantage in having and finding your fish.  This can be a feature as you ought to become specific concerning advice that is provided. Still, the majority of folks can discover to utilize this particular tool in a small period.

GPS Capabilities

You can Locate an internal GPS with helix models. The GPS enables you to upto 2,500 way-points along with 45 paths, which are decent considering its size. You might connect the GPS and AutoChart Live to ensure you download maps that will aid you in finding suitable fishing areas and can make your very own maps that are exceptional.

In addition to This, you will find numerous sorts of GPS channels. You will find ones for local Vegetation hardlines and satellite imaging throughout Lake Master PLUS.

Fishing Gear Guide Opinion: Humminbird Helix 5 Review

The Humminbird helix 5 offers a various number of models within its particular category. It has an affordable price and size. It includes all the technology that can be found in Humminbird. To name them, some of them are CHIRP technology, GPS, and Chart plotting on the computer program. 

You can upgrade the Helix 5 SI from the near long run by adding applications or channels with a micro sd card or substituting the transducer. Other characteristics with the fish-finder comprise full-color imaging, powerful sonar, structure down, and side-scanning, long with maps.

Even this fish-finder has drawbacks. However, they take anything. The merchandise can increase your fishing experience.  Conditions that the Helix 5 SI includes a little monitor and mounting brackets which may be made better.

Coast anglers or fisherman could be aggravated with the Helix 5 SI. Once you’re out fishing in a pond, reservoir, or pond, if you’re a boat fisherman, this FishFinder can offer you everything you’ll require.


The Humminbird helix 5 provides several models included in its category. It’s the size and a reasonable price. Some are GPS technology, and Chart plotting, on the computer program.

Faculties with all the Fish Finder comprise powerful sonar, imaging down, structure, along with side-scanning, together side maps.

This Fish Finder has drawbacks. But Any such thing is taken by them. Your fishing experience can boost.

Humminbird Helix 7 Review: Is this Fish Finder as Best as Customer Say?

Our Humminbird Helix 7 Review

The Helix 7 SI supplies a broad variety of qualities which allow it to be a various fish-finder for boat anglers. It provides you with a clear and bright image and can be ideal for use.

The Humminbird Helix 7 stocks many similarities including SwitchFire sonar, the port, along with also GPS with chart plotter. There are several differences between your Helix 7 and also the Helix 5, yet.

The Helix 7 SI includes a card slot which you could employ to upload maps along with side-imaging, also a screen that’s large enough to support viewpoints, and also down-imaging.

The Helix 7 SI has stood out features, for example, an updated a display and lasting mounted mount, and also a memory for screen tidy and faster creation.

it might well not be the best option should you require a FishFinder to attach to your Humminbird services and products because it’s limited media As the Helix 7 fish-finder has too much to give. Additionally, it has a micro-sd card slot, which means you’ll need to improve the card.

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Humminbird Helix 7 Review

Humminbird Helix 7 Review

Pros & Cons Of Humminbird Helix 7 Review

  • Features down and side-imaging to Offer you an entire underwater perspective
  • The SwitchFire screen provides you with numerous seeing choice
  • CHIRP technology guarantees high-quality pictures
  • Constructed GPS provides you with a Thorough navigational and chart-plotting performance
  • The enormous 7-inch display is big enough for many screen alternatives
  • The Helix 7 attributes may not justify the cost tag
  • Features mechanical controller switches instead of a touchscreen
  • The Helix 7 Isn’t compatible with Bluetooth

Features Of Humminbird Helix 7 Review

Humminbird has reputed name among those best fish-finder manufacturers within the industry. The Helix 7 is one of their products because there are many variations, each using their features, which both experts and amateurs love. We examine and, then we’ll discuss all the elements as well as the changes you may get extra functionality together with them. You’ll discover the Helix 7 is excellent for people over the open oceans, and also Humminbird could be your name in fish-finders.

Display Size and Resolution

The name suggests That the Humminbird Helix 7 comes with a 7-inch display that ought to be perfect considering all of the data you’re going to be translating from your sonar and GPS (that will be comprised with all nearly all variations). This comes with resolution 800 by 480 pixels which come with 256 colours, and this helps to find the fish in the water. There are additionally LED backlighting to produce the pictures better and great to view.

The trouble of sunlight? The display was designed to work in harsh surroundings, so ensuring it is possible to put it to use. The screen is protected using glass. People that have the Helix 5 realize plastic may be your default element for that specific version, yet this glass enclosure to keep the display safe in the water, together with boosting the image.

In the picture, and enclosure are superior to other fish finders out there there, ensuring you might have an enjoyable time rather than fighting the gadget, finding fish with this device. 

Enriched Memory

All the models of helox 7 include a dual click RAM, that is important as most of the data is captured and stored. There were many complaints regarding the old version of Helix 7 (along with also other similar fish-finders) RAM was slow and graphics were upsetting  and never display correctly.

They were considering that Helix 7 Displays side-by-side graphics (some models show three pictures simultaneously), you might observe how issues will immediately appear. The RAM will keep real-time images and graphics. Lags are incredibly rare, which means you forget a group of fish as they float by or should not overlook out the one.

Is the title of The play, also Humminbird are a pioneer within this category All graphics will likely probably soon be bright as you possibly can, and so they’ll stay in real-time through the duration of your travels.

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GPS Capabilities

The base version comes with GPS. However, you will find several models which lack GPS, which makes them. GPS using a FishFinder is crucial; however, it’s quite beneficial if you are likely to plain water or waters a summary of your region.

You will Find a Way to Track where you are and the speed, which makes it simpler to locate areas that are new based upon your preferences. GPS capacities permit one to place routes and way-points, assisting you to move with assuring you reach on all of the areas you’ll want and do not lose. It is possible to program up to 4,500 way-points and 45 paths with the Helix 7.

As the Helix 7 GPS does not stick out from the audience, it’s operational and provides you with all of the features you’ll desire to get a fishing adventure.

Power, Frequency, and Depth

Helix 7 is one of those fishfinder available in market with this pricepoint. It’s has a power of 4,000 and 500W peak-to-peak.  The sonar frequency works at 83/200 KHz using 2D imaging and 455 KHz side and down images (not contained in most models, will probably undoubtedly soon likely be discussed lower)

Depth is a commendable 1,500 feet for 2D graphics and 100 feet for side imaging. They usually are more costly, although there are several fishfinders with a more excellent base. If you’re searching for fish, generally, this ought to be enough for many people. If you’re planning on fishing, you might require a design which has better depth. 

SwitchFire Imaging

SwitchFire Imaging has Comprised of Helix 7 units. This really can be Humminbird’s interpretation of this TVG (“Time variable-gain”) entirely on additional fishfinders. This is a kind of 2D imaging system that creates perspectives that improve clarity. It will come in 2 different types: Max and Clear. It’s possible to switch between them.

Max is good to Get Started Together with because it provides you with a perspective of fish representation and thermoclines, currents. Switch to Apparent attitude once you’ve located a fantastic spot. This removes a lot of the noise and offers you an accurate and very crystal clear view of fish sizes. You’ll see if you should proceed, or whether the fish are worth to stop by for fishing. 

When Compared with other Fish-finders, Clear opinion is on while Max is TVG off similar to having TVG. Possessing the capacity to switch between viewpoints can be valuable to ascertain whether it’s worth and what exactly is below the water.

Fishing Gear Guide Opinion: Humminbird Helix 7 Review

The Helix 7 is just a fish-finder that’s filled with capabilities. There are many essential things with probably the very noteworthy being the side-imaging and the DualBeam Plus sonar together with SwitchFire along with capacities to enjoy about its product.

Other luxury features of this Helix 7 which we enjoy comprise the CHIRP technology to get the transparent vision, the sonar acts like underside lock, Selective Fish ID+, along with alerts, and also the bass finder’s thickness convenience up to 1,500 ft )

This Helix 7 offers among the displays within this particular type. The show will be glass glare-proof for visibility, and it’s a resolution of 800 x 480. You are going to have the ability to see information in sunlight, even with no issues.

Will be that both – and – sonar manners aren’t entirely acceptable for heavy water fishing. If you require a unit for deepsea fishing, then you need a sonar with the proper thickness skills. 


Generally, the Humminbird Helix 7 Fish-finder models are merely remarkable. You’d expect them to become expensive considering the wide variety, although they come at a reasonable price point. The default option version also includes a resolution memory, SwitchFire, and GPS. Additionally, there are different models with down-imaging side-imaging, CHIRP, along with too different characteristics that you are guaranteed to love.

Perhaps the sole Downfall is that Helix 7 and Helix models can’t keep in touch; however, that is Relatively small. If you wish to up your game the Helix and like fishing Helix 7 might be the version for you personally.

Kayak Fish Finder Installation Guide & Tips – FishingGear-Guide

Do you love fishing? Are you having a hard time finding fishes? Then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I have just the right solution for you. All you need is a fishfinder. 

Kayak Fish Finder Install: Fishfinder is a tool that is used by fishermen to locate fishes in the water. It is a very simple tool that helps locate the presence of fish in the water.

It is very useful for you if you run a business involving fishing. You can also use it if you often go on fishing trips as a hobby. 

Although using a fish finder is a piece of cake, there a few things you need to know before using it. I will help you understand how exactly it works and how can you install it. Also, many other things might pique your interest.

Working Principle Of Kayak Fish Finder Installation

Working with fishfinder appears as a  high-tech process. But truth be told, it has quite an easy functioning. It is based on the principle of reflection of ultrasonic sound waves. It operates on the technology of the SONAR System.

The use of this technology dates back to the 19th century. Since then many advancements have taken place concerning its processing and features.

Fishfinder has a LED or CRT monitor. The location of the fishes is displayed on this monitor.

First, a transmitter is installed on the kayak. It continuously transmits signals which are converted in to sound waves before sending it into the water. The SONAR System exercises in the technique of the Echo to reflect signals to the transmitter.

When the sound wave hits anything in the water, it reflects. On reflecting, it displays the composition, size, and shape of the object it hit. The degree to which it can be interpreted is based on the frequency and power of the signal that is transmitted.

The distance of the object in water can be calculated by knowing the exact speed of the sound wave in water.

To avoid receiving false signals from other insignificant things, reflection due to fishes is illustrated differently. This avoids confusion from signals reflected from seaweeds or corals. The echo varies in magnitude and form in the presence of fishes.

On the fishfinder monitor, the presence of fish is marked using its symbol. This detection process can be repeated up to 40 times per second.

Tools You Need for Installing the Fish Finder

Before getting on with the installation you need to take a trip to the hardware store. There are certain tools you need while installation of the fishfinder.

  1. Power Drill
  2. Heat Gun
  3. Different size bits
  4. Unit
  5. Wire caps
  6. Mount & Adapter
  7. Silicones
  8. Bits & Steel crews
  9. Depth finder
  10.  Socket Wrench

Best Kayak Fish Finder Installation Kit

There are hundreds of fishfinders installation kits available for a kayak. It often leads to confusion and you end up taking the wrong decision. So I will help you find the ideal installation kit for your kayak.

Here are some of the best fish finder kits available for kayaks

1. Hobie Kayak Fish Finder Install Kit

This kit is manufactured by Hobie and can be used in any Hobie kayak with the Lowrance Ready feature. The kit includes a 12V 9AH waterproof gel cell battery along with a charger. It also has the wiring hardware needed for installation. The kit comes with 4 wire connectors, 1 through-hole wire plug, and 3 zip ties.

 Price: $132.00

2. Hobie Kayak Fish Finder Installation lithium in a Kit for I Series:

This kit is manufactured by Hobie. It helps you install your fishfinder into your Hobie I series inflatable kayak. The kit consists of a 12 V, 10 AH Nocqua lithium-ion battery along with a 12V battery charge. You also get a fishfinder console mount and a radar mount. Wire connectors and 3 zip ties are also provided.

The best feature of this kit is that you can fit it on any Hobie Mirage kayak which has a Lowrance ready plate.

Price :$237.00

3. Humminbird 7400931 MHX XNT Transome Mounting Hardware kit

This kit is used for XNT Transom-  mount transducer. It consists of kick-up brakes along with a transducer bracket plug. The kit has been designed in such a way that it can be particularly used in the marine environment. Several transducers are compatible with this kit. 

The key feature includes that it integrates with XNT 920, XNT 920T, and many others of the same series.

It comes with a one year warranty and hardware required for mounting XNT transducer.

Price: $19.99

4. Hobie Lowrance Fish Finder Lithium-ion Installation Kit:

Manufactured by Hobie, this kit allows you to install fishfinder on a Hobie kayak.  It should possess the Lowrance Ready feature. It is powered with an ultralightweight Nocqua lithium-ion battery.

The battery is 12V 10AH along with it you are also provided with a 12V battery charger and a 12V battery holders. The kit includes wire connectors and zip ties. It does not include a console mount.

Prices: $196.00

5. Raymarine Axiom R-V 100 real vision SD All-in-one Transom Mount Transducer

This is SD all in one transom mount is featured with 4-channel wide spectrum CHIRP transducer along with Down vision and side vision. It has high-frequency CHIRP and Real Vision 3D sonar.

Along with a BUILT-in attitude, it has a heading reference system that helps stabilize sonar images, which in turn compensates for vessel motion. It is characterized by rugged marine-grade stainless steel mounting. It has integrated kick-up to avoid damage. 

Price: $356  

Step By Step Installation of Fish Finder On Kayak

Installation of fishfinder is quite easy if you know how to go about with the procedure. There are many techniques are using which you can install the device. I will show you some of the easiest ways to install your fishfinder.

Firstly you need to know that there are 4 main aspects of the installation of fishfinder transducers. They being:

  • Head Unit placement
  • Transducer placement 
  • Wiring 
  • Battery Setup

Head Unit Placement: Locate the Unit Where You Can Mount Fish Finder

Foremost you need to decide where exactly you want your fishfinder monitor to be. It depends on the type of kayak you use. I use a pedal kayak, so I can install the transducer on the sides of the kayak. Because of this, the monitor is close to the seat. You merely have to drill and fix RAM mount on the side of the kayak.

The main advantage of using a RAM mount is its adjustability and portability. You simply need to fix it on the kayak and tighter the ball mount. The ball mount allows us to rotate and have any position and head angle. Important features also include its compact size and less coverage of space.

If you have a paddle kayak then it is impractical for you to fix your head unit on the side. You will end up smacking your paddle on the unit. I recommend you to install the unit, forward into the dash. In this way, it will be in front and out of your way. If you want images like we used in our post you can check our other site for free indian stock photos

Installation of Transducers:

Of the whole installation process, this is the most complex part. Some manufacturers make it easy for us by providing scuppers. In some kayak, you will find a scupper located in front of the cockpit.

If you follow it down underneath the kayak, you will find a location for installation, pre-drilled, and ready for the mounting transducer. A similar scupper can be found at the rear end. There are some brands such as Hobie which provide skid plate for installation.

2. Transducer Placement: Locate Place in the Kayak to Set Transducer

It is also known as through-hole transducers mount. For this technique, you will need a high-density waterproof foam. I suggest you opt for a fairly thick foam. Place the transducer on the block. Mark the outline of the transducer.

Leave space on all sides to stick it on the boat. Now, cut through the block. Use a sharp knife to do so. Make sure you have a nice and clean cut. See if the transducer fits firmly. Decide where exactly you mount your transducer to be.

I prefer it to be right underneath me. clean the area using sandpaper. Now using silicone sealant like goop. .Stick the block on the designated location. While sticking make sure the transducer is pointed forward. Use enough amount of glue.

Make sure there are no air bubbles. Now place some weight on it and let it dry. It takes about 24 hours to dry off. Now that you are finally done, pour some water into the cut and see if it leaks. Now place the transducer on the water. See that it touches the water surface. And you are done!

       Don’t fix the transducer right at the tip of the kayak as it will sailing and disturb continuity. One setback of this technique is that it does not give accurate temperature reading. Other than this, I find no difference in sonar reading and down imaging.

3. Installing the Transducer on the Kayak

If you want the easiest way out, you can go for the flexible RAM Mount Transducer available in the market. You simply need to attach it to the arm of the kayak.

The mount has a flexible arm. You just have to put the arm with transducer inside water while sailing. You can keep the arm off the water surface to avoid drag.

4. Wiring and Soldering of the Fish Finder

In case of wiring, you need to make sure you keep it off your way. You can stash it up underneath your seat or in the side pockets. Some manufacturers also provide a battery box or compartment to bundle the wiring. For wiring, you can use different wiring kits available.

It comes with different styles, plug adapters, etc. For example, if you are using both transducers and power cord, you will need a double hole system. You can lock a little rubber piece into the gap and create a watertight seal through the hole of your kayak.

5. Battery Setup: Kayak Fish Finder Battery Install

Kayak fishfinder Battery InstallYou always must take your battery power, an SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery life. Such a battery works with the protection of the acid being sealed within the plastic instance of the Battery. Since there isn’t any prospect of this acidity being spilt as the kayak floats to the 25, this is a perfect battery to get the kayak.

Check the Capacity and Sizes of the Battery for Proper Installation

Assess the Ability and Collars of this Battery for suitable Setup These batteries can be found in lots of diverse sizes, but probably the many available sizes are 7, 1-2, and 18Ah. Kayakers utilize battery packs for fishfinders.
Battery capacity is measured in Ampere Hours (Ah). An Ah is 1 amp for an hour. Thus a 12Ah battery is capable of supplying 1-2 amps for one hour amp for approximately 1-2 hours but more than that.

A Place for the Battery of the Fish Finder

As an instance, of a FishFinder that is 250mA needs one-quarter of the amp. If you’re planning on fishing for 6 hrs so afterwards you’re going to have to have atleast a 1.5liter battery. Remember, you should never take the Battery. Bearing this in your mind, you might desire to buy a more 3.0Ah or more rated battery.An area for your Battery of this fishfinder search for a location for your battery power within your kayak, keep it from saltwater. Salt-water can short the Battery out if the seawater can rust underwater, and also the battery terminals.

Protecting the Battery

Fixing the Battery, you’re able to protect the Battery using a battery or perhaps even a foam block. Decide on a foam block that is fresh and then indicates the middle of this foam. Slice the foam leaving the inch gap. Paste the foam onto your kayak to help keep it from the saltwater’s human body.

Additionally, remember to take your battery package’s charger. Don’t use a car battery charger or some ordinary since your SLA battery will be damaged.

Note: After Party Clean-up: How to Clean Kayak And Fish Finder After Fishing?

Once you are back from your fishing trip you must clean your kayak. The kayak is exposed to seawater and debris from the sea. If you do not clean your kayak every time you go fishing then it might cause damage to it. The same is the case with your fishfinder transducer.

Don’t Use Hot Water

To clean your kayak, wash it thoroughly with fresh water. Make sure you get rid of all the debris. You can use a soap or a mild detergent if you like. Make sure you clean it up properly. Stack up the kayak upside down to let all the water out properly. 

Check if the Device is Waterproof for Water Cleaning

To clean your transducer you must use a soft cloth. Do not clean it harshly as it might damage the transducer. Make use of sharp objects to get rid of debris tangled in the transducer. Do this carefully.  If you follow all the steps carefully you won’t have a hard time installing and using your fishfinder.

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Kayak Fish Finder Installation Accessories

Lowrance 000-10261-001 DSI Transducer Trolling Motor Adaptor

This product is designed in such a fashion that allows you to mount a DSI transducer to the bottom of a trolling motor. It is intended to work with a skimmer transducer for down scan imaging sonars. This product enables you to have a clean and professional installation look. It weighs about 3.2 ounces and works only with DSI units. The kit consists of a trolling motor snap-on mount along with stainless steel trolling motor clamp. You are also provided with 2 zip ties with it. 

Price: $19.99

ADVANCED ELEMENTS AE2042 Accessory Frame System, Gray, One Size

It is an accessory frame system that you can fix on your kayak. You can easily customize it to any kayak you want. It can carry any aftermarket item which has a 1-inch rail mount. You will find mounting grommets and other accessories included in the kit. The least possible installation surface is about 23″ wide.

Price: $59.95

Expert Power EXP1290-2 Black lead-acid-battery, 2 Pack

It is a sealed Lead-acid battery manufactured by ExpertPower. It is a 12V 9A 20 hours battery with F2 style terminals. Easy installation. It has a robust construction and is highly resistant to shock and vibrations. It is also chemical and heat-resistant It has a spill-proof design. The product dimensions can be given as 5.94×2.5×3.71inches.

Price: $42.00

Humminbird 710276-1 XP 9 HW T Helix Dual Spectrum Chirp with Temperature in-Hull Transducer

As the name suggests, it is a dual spectrum CHIRP along with an in-hull temperature transducer. The CHIRP has a range of 150-220khz and its maximum depth is about 1200ft. Kindly note that this transducer does not support side imaging or down imaging. It has a dual spectrum sonar. 

Price: $119.99

Humminbird 710270-1 XTM 9 MDI T Helix (MEGA DI) Trolling Motor Mounted Transducer

It is a trolling motor transducer with digital CHIRP dual spectrum 2D. It also has digital CHIRP Mega imaging. The coverage provided by the dual spectrum 2D CHIRP is about 25°& 42°@-10dB. It has a trolling motor mounted on it. It is not compatible with any model other than MEGA Helix models

Price: $204.40

Humminbird 740173-1 IDMK S10R Reinforced In-Dash Mounting Kit, SOLIX 10 Fishfinders

It is an in-dash mounting kit. It is about 22.86×32.39×19.69cms. It fits perfectly with SOLIX 10 models.

Warning: Kindly note that this product exposes you to some chemicals such as lead. They might be injurious to your health.

Price: $54.99

Scotty Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm with Gear-Head

It is a transducer arm mount manufactured by Scotty and has a Gear-head adapter. The mounting arm is very strong and corrosion-resistant. It also has a Slip Disc if you want micro-adjustments. The kit also consists of 438 Gear Head Track Adapter. It works along with Scotty Slide Track. It can quickly drop & lock fishfinder mount. The transducer arm has a wide spectrum ranging from 11.5 inches to 18 inches. It can be rotated up to 360°. 

Price: $33.99

Yakattack Nocqua Pro Power Kit 10Ah

It is a 12 V lithium-ion battery. It is waterproof and rechargeable. It is very lightweight and small in size. It comes with a silicone sealed case. It has open end connectors.

Price: $129.99

Mantis Dock Light Add-on Light full-colour RGBW Spectrum

It is a complete ready-to-install kit. It is very easy to install. You have to power it using a standard 4GFCI outlet 110 V AC power source. Its unique features include 3 full-colored RGBW dock lights. You can integrate it using a 30′ heavy-duty cable. The dock lights are manufactured using marine grade bronze housing. You will find that it has a zip mount universal mounting system.

Price: $469.00

Garmin 200-kHz and 50-kHz Transom Mount Transducer Kit-15-Degree Beamwidth

It is a transom mount made up of plastic. It operates on 200kHz and 50 kHz operating frequency. The beamwidth at 200 kHz about 10 degrees and that at 50 kHz is about 40 degrees. The kit includes all the hardware required for mounting

Price: $79.92

13150 Faria Dress White Deep Transom Transducer

It is a depth finder manufactured by Faria. Its maximum capacity is 199 foot (61cm) deep. It has a big display with background light. This helps in clear reading during might time. It is water-resistant. It can be fitted into a 2-inch hole. It features audible and visual alarms.

Price: $215.37

Greenlee FF200 fishfinder Plus Vision System

It is designed is such a way that it can safely view and troubleshoot any errors in energized wires. The kit consists of a handheld display unit. You will also find  4-AA batteries and a USB cable along with other mirror tip accessories. It has in-built memory of capturing over 2000 photographs. 

Price: $149.99

Humminbird 780028-1 UC H5 Unit Cover for Helix Series

It is a cover for the gimbal mounter Helix Series 5 fishfinder. The material used is neoprene. Take note that you are not supposed to use it during hauling of the Boston the trailer.

Price: $17.50

Deeper Flexible Arm Mount 1.0 – Easily mount Deeper PRO-series Fish Finder to Kayak / Boat in secs

It is a flexible arm mount with a 50 cm aluminum rod which can be easily bent. It can be integrated with RAM mounts you can easily install it. You can fix it on both metals as well as plastic material. The kit includes a security strap and a crab clamp.

Price: $ 49.50

Yakattack GTTL175 Geartrac Top Loading Aluminium Kayak Mount Track

It is a heavy-duty surface mount track. It provides amazing adjustability for mounting your accessory. It is highly compatible with 1/2″ wide track hardware. It allows you to install it from the top. You do not require access to the backside. The package also includes screws required for installation.

Price: $24.00

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Frequent Ask Question Of Kayak Fish Finder Installation

  1. ow Much Does It Cost For The Installation Of Fish Finder?

    If you get a marine electronics installer to help you install your fishfinder transducer, they may charge you about $80-10 for an hour. Altogether it might cost you about $200-300 you follow the steps and install it yourself you will spend a lot less

  2. How To Fix The Transducer At The Proper Level?

    The easiest way to level your transducer is to use a protractor level. The level inside it can be adjusted. Get your kayak in the water. Place the protractor level on the arm of the kayak and adjust the bubble to the centre. Now get the kayak out of the water and place the protractor level back to the same position.  Now jack your trailer accordingly until you get the same level. Once you do that, you simply need to adjust your transducer by placing something underneath it. Level the transducer by getting the bubble in the centre.

  3. How To Install a Fish Finder Battery?

    Installation of fishfinder battery includes proper wiring of the battery to the display unit and the transducer. Install it where it is easily reachable and out of your way while paddling. It is recommended that you use a battery box to hold your battery. It also avoids contact of battery with water.

  4. How to Install a Fish Finder Display?

    You can mount your display using a RAM mount. Install it in such a way that it does not obstruct your way. You can fix it by drilling holes and sealing it on the kayak.

  5. Which Hat is the Best Place for Transducer Installation?

    The best place to install a fishfinder transducer is right underneath where you are sitting. In this way are vertically above the transducer which makes it a lot easier to work with.

Humminbird Helix 9 Review: What Exactly are You Paying for? – FishingGear-Guide

Humminbird Helix 9 Review

By reading my articles, you have probably realized that i love to write about fishing gadgets.  It is going to come as no surprise I was in line when the industry was to enter on by fish finders.

I was really in. I moved and purchased the flashiest and largest FishFinder I may detect –and which has been one.

I have heard a lot since that time. I have listened never to be intimidated with the flashiest features. Also, I would love to help save you from making a mistake.

This is precisely why I chose to print this Humminbird Helix 9 review.

Facts to Think About Before Purchasing a Humminbird Helix 9 Review

If you should be taking a look only at that Humminbird Helix 9 SI inspection, you’ve previously heard of or had experience using a FishFinder.

There is absolutely no wonder they are sometimes of good use. They will be able to assist you to discover where those fish are to identify what’s happening from the water.

I know. There is nothing quite as coming up vacant. Not when you realize others are successful. The probability may raise your trips will probably soon be prosperous.

They’re also able to help you make sure you could stay on course back again to it and indicate a prime spot. Will probably do much more and all of that, however, it’s not affordable.

Maybe your outlay currently definitely going to be well worth it for you personally?

You must look into how frequently you are likely to put it to use. It’s not likely worth the outlay if fishing can be still an off-and-on hobby to you. It may be an excellent purchase if you are outside every weekend.

Yet another aspect to think about is the sort of fishing you’re going to do. This sonar with frequencies can prove invaluable. In the event, you are fishing in various unique areas.

If you should be fishing in roughly precisely the identical thickness, and at approximately precisely the same place, you can eliminate having a version which is appropriate to the kind of depths.

The Top Fish Finders for Kayaks of 2020: Fishing Gear Guide Reviews. These are our top recommendations for best fish finders for kayak in 2020

Our Humminbird Helix 9 Review

The Humming Bird Helix promises up cushioning on your ship to a depth of 200 feet. The business asserts it offers you an entire opinion of this underside and also is going to show plainly defined goals.

This version supplies MEGA Down Imaging + sonar. It’s a progress of this MEGA Down Imaging sonar and provides a 20 per cent advancement in definition and image clarity. It’s possible to fix the picture.

Humminbird has comprised its base maps along with navigation. You’re able to indicate obstacles waypoints, and so forth across the way.

The features are fantastic; however, the purchase cost is at the top range for all these services and products. If you are just like to research a fisher and are interested in being able to hit on the mark, then this is just a fantastic selection.

If you should be more also on a budget, there are options available which is going to be excellent for you.

Pros & Cons Of Humminbird Helix 9

  • Crystal-clear pictures
  • highly Accurate
  • Full GPS + Humminbird foundation maps
  • Auto Chart Live Enables You to create your maps
  • Nice Huge display
  • Perhaps not Just a Feeling display
  • Perhaps not the best option if You Are trolling
  • Features and Advantages

Features Of Humminbird Helix 9 Review

HD Screen

You obtain. That is amazing because you will not ever need to think about chasing an older boot which reads just like a bass. You will have the ability to see what’s happening in the water. Image quality is superb. However, the size may be a deterrent in tiny boats, such as, for instance, a kayak, in that case, there could be something similar however more suitably sized.

H-D Radar

Authentic, the radar isn’t going to assist you in finding fish; however, it is going to mean not getting lost in the mist, or through the nighttime. It will also prevent you from bumping into items from the sport as they can be detected by it up to 24 miles off.

Most of us must stay safe. You cannot account fully for others’ activities. The radar here will probably provide you fair warning when something or someone is currently going to get the own circumstance.

SwitchFire Sonar

This is among the features with the version. Technology enables you to fix to water requirements. In the event the water is choppy. Also, it’s becoming shallower, hit on the clear-mode to get rid of the clutter and find yourself a picture. In ideal terms, utilize the Max Mode and do not overlook an item.

The transition can be as simple as pressing a button, which means you will reach concentrate more.

Double SD Card Slots

1 SD card slot ensures you could add these devices and a reasonable quantity of memory. Two methods you receive double the ability. That the one slot is useful that you insert, such as, for instance, a customized-made graph.

The slot will be for one to make of them and also incorporate mapping apps. These two are to the very front to make it a lot easier to modify out the cards.


With the fish-finder models that are more straightforward, you are going to find a readout of data; however, the diagnosis will be left as much as you.

With the Helix 9, you obtain the SmartStrike app. This plan will test data to get the location to install when fishing.

It carries river data, statistics that is seasonal, and also the climate conditions into consideration. Learn more regarding SmartStrike here.

Humminbird Helix 9 Review - FishingGear-Guide

Pros Of Humminbird Helix 9 Review

Crystal-Clear Images

The graphics you will simply get are superior, and also the more expensive screen usually means you need not worry about going at them. You have to concentrate on grabbing the fish using glances at the monitor on occasion.

With models, you’ve got to drop everything you are doing this you inspect the monitor and can proceed over.

The image quality is a thing which I find amazing. Its photo-realistic, which means you’re going to see a view of what exactly is happening under the ship.

Exemplary Navigational System

The system can be just actually really a plus whether you or if you are an explorer. It’s possible to safely fish in conditions comprehending that the radar will give you early warning of some potential hazards.

Remember about this”I have lost in the snowball explanation” though. You are going to need to get another explanation to explain why you spent such a long time on the water.

Cons Of Humminbird Helix 9 Review


It’s challenging to get things that are bad to say concerning its particular version. Humminbird has come up you’ll discover of use again and again. With this specific version would be that the price, in all honesty, I would say the main drawback.

It will put you back a reasonable volume, although it isn’t the version available. That is to be expected. There is a whole great deal of tech. That’s minimal comfort.

Within this regard, I do believe the price tag is well worth it. If you cannot afford it right 16, I’d counsel saving for somewhat.

Maybe not Excellent for Trolling

The difficulty we found was that it is perhaps not great for if you are searching. The beam is focused on the bottom of the ship. This provides a range moving down to it however isn’t much help in regards from what’s happening at the aftermath up.

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FishingGear-Guide Opinion

The system delivers in spades. You are likely to think it’s great if you are an enthusiastic angler. Go on a break along with you and have a look at new fishing areas.

You can get models that are more economical but not one which you are getting here.

Since it enables one to concentrate, you’re there — fishing, I enjoy this that you do not need to pay off your time in the water small with preferences or faking to observe just a screen.

There is no need to create a sense of blips on the radar.

You have it analyze the ideal fishing areas for you and may cheat a bit personally. I’ve sort of feeling when it regards the SmartStrike feature In all honesty. It’s a short cut, although it is useful.

I need this to be my fish, and that explains the reason I do hit on that button.

This is the best thing about the system; it will probably be your secret, and you could choose just how much help you would like to buy to offer you — there is a constant will have to inform your mates you’ve come to be a fishing ace.

That is assuming you never desire to get your friends green with jealousy. I have to be fair here.

Is this? Avoid being silly. You also know precisely just how dedicated I am for my subscribers, although it’s undoubtedly one of the better models in the marketplace right now; however, there are upgrades to consider.

I should test the fishing kayaks available on the industry. Someone has to complete it, although it’s a hard job. Have a look at this fish-finder master-piece.

Last Words

Finding your path straight back and Choosing the ideal fishing areas can be debatable. It’s simple enough — only select a landmark and decide about it, should they genuinely be near to the coast. Further outside one wave appears like another.

The Helix 9 takes of the guesswork from finding it and identifying a fantastic spot. You’ll have to discover what’s happening from the water, and also the GPS lets you indicate the places.

You’ll recognize where they are biting although I cannot guarantee that you’ll hook up the fish. It is an astonishing bit of technology that is going to be an advantage to some angler.

Garmin Striker 4 Review: Why It’s a Very Popular Fish Finder – FishingGear-Guide

Garmin Striker 4 Review

If you are wondering about buying a fish finder then you can blindly trust On Garmin Company because no one can replace it.. & YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PLACE.

In this article, we will discuss the Garmin Striker 4 Fish Finder Review

The reviews have taken from some of the experts in the fishing and also by some of our friends. We also have shared some of our experiences while using this fish finder.

So let’s begin

Look for Before Buying Garmin Striker 4 Review

A fish-finder needs a complete good understanding of the guesswork from fishing. With one in your ship, you increase your success rate and also your patience is inclined to want to go unrewarded.

The Striker for designs our best set for kayaks here, since if you fish out of these, or perhaps even a kayak, a short fish-finder just such as the Garmin Striker 4 is perfect for assisting you to realize your immersed environment and find fish from your township. A fish-finder that is streamlined can be a feasible option when you fish out of the boat in the river or a lake.

For beach fishing or surf-fishing, but you’ll want a fish-finder that is castable that you join a computer with wifi with a smartphone or tablet computer. Fish garnish with displays could not be acceptable for commercial fishing deep sea fishing, or even contests since these fish-finders do not contain presentation or find fish than approximately 1,500 feet.

Think of which you type information and fish you desire while fishing, including topographical facts structure, water temperature, vessel speed, the fish locations, along with a vision.

Since you need your FishFinder to be harmonious with your gear, It’s also wise to assess your fishing equipment and watercraft. By way of instance, does your craft have a point from the hull? Do you have a GPS with a record of one’s fishing areas?

You may carry on looking over that Garmin Striker 4 inspection to learn if this really could be the fish-finder for the fishing installation and price range after considering your fishing setting attentively.

[Note: Best Fish Finder for Kayak Reviews 2020: Looking for the best kayak fish finder? Try Humminbird Helix 9, Humminbird Helix 10 ]

Our Garmin Striker 4 Review

The Garmin Striker 4 can be just a budget-friendly, entry-level sonar system well fit for finding fish with small boats. The Striker 4 supplies a lot of the exact features as the Garmin Striker 7SV, for example, GPS, side-imaging, along with also a userfriendly interface.

There are several differences. The Striker 4 is far much significantly less expensive, although the Striker 4 includes a much bigger screen than the Striker 7SV.

Your fishing experience can be enhanced by the Striker 4 considerably though you’re a fisherman. This fish-finder CHIRP sonar tech along with includes all of the characteristics you require for river or lake fishing.

But if you typically fish from warm water bodies more potent than 1,600 feet or should you want a roomy 7″ monitor for showing lots of information in some time, consider several of those additional alternatives within this particular range.

Pros & Cons Of Garmin Striker 4

  • A Fair fish finder having Highend qualities
  • Double frequency capacity: 77/200 kHz along with 50/200kHz
  • Built-in GPS that reveals rate and that can save as Much as 5,000 WayPoints
  • Several sonar attributes, such as ultra-scroll, flasher, along with A-Scope
  • Comes with a CHIRP 2 D sonar along with CHIRP transducer
  • The device Doesn’t show latitude and longitude data
  • Small display dimensions
  • Does not contain NMEA connectivity

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Features and Benefits Of Garmin Striker 4 Review


The Striker 4 features a full-colour 3.5″ touchscreen that’s vertically oriented using a couple of buttons for navigation. The screen delivers a 200 kHz scanning to provide a large and visible image. You can utilize the 7 7 kHz reading, that may supply a scanning area to you.

Though the screen is more significant compared to those of fish-finders, it’s adequate for showing baitfish the structure, and species.

GPS Capabilities

Along with working for you detect bass, the Striker 4 may also offer you navigational benefits having its right built-in GPS.

It is possible to take advantage of this feature. You and tens of thousands of way-points might plot your path between fishing locations and your pier. Even the GPS tracking software supplies you with the possibility to observe the information in a readout and monitors the rate of your boat.

CHIRP Technology

The Striker 4 is still current among the very inexpensive fish noodle which includes CHIRP technology to explain to you exactly what lies below the top of the water.

Sonar units utilize signs to assemble underwater info. You require signs for frequencies and water penetration for collecting information that is detailed in water. Sonars emit one frequency, which restricts one to about graphic quality and water depth.

CHIRP sonars emit signals to supply you with a vision of structures that are tender and objects.

Garmin Striker 4 Review - FIshingGear-Guide


A few manners are offered by the Striker 4. The method exhibits underneath structure and objects that are submerged, fish arcs from the drinking water, as an instance. The flasher style divides the two sonar frequencies and indicates the thickness degrees of this water body.

The manner exhibits 70 kHz using a single screen and the 200 kHz. You can observe both column cones areas.

The way-point map shows locations and the location you’ve marked. You’re able to watch sonar screen along with the plan together. The section number style exhibits GPS rate contrasts.

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General User Impressions

Are well amazed at its accuracy and features the CHIRP technology. The fish finder features can also be helpful and accurate, mainly. Users are delighted about the value this very reasonably priced unit needs to offer you.

Exactly what Read-outs Can the Striker 4 Display?

Based upon you’ll be able to watch approximate birth time, water temperature, GPS rate, GPS going, the water depth, and also the timing of this afternoon.

Could Be your Striker 4 Water Proof?

The Striker 4 comes with a rating of IPX7, without water damage and mould, plus it will become wet.

Can the Striker 4 Possessing a Fish I D Feature?

Yes. When interpreting 2D sonar yields, the Fish ID feature is helpful. To activate this feature, visit the sonar screen, press the menu button and then scroll right down to sonar installation. Scroll to appearance and twist fish symbols. Choose the emblem for the level of skill.

Does This Come using a Battery?

The Striker 4 runs off on 12V battery which comes inbuilt.  You’re able to join along with some power battery and the fish-finder. You need to utilize that, For those who get a battery to your ship. The Striker 4 includes an indicator light that shows whether it’s currently charging. In the event the system is fully charged, it could last for more or a whole day.

FishingGear-Guide Opinion

The Garmin Striker 4 is more streamlined, cheap, and hardy. You may be sure you will have the ability to make utilize of it for years without having any difficulties. In the event, you obtain this fish finder.

Unlike many products within the size and cost kind, the Striker 4 includes several attributes, with probably the most noteworthy being builtin GPS and also the CHIRP technology. The 3.5″ screen is high res and can be readable in virtually all lighting situations, even bright sunshine. It may display a great deal of information based upon the manner that is selected Even though the monitor is small.

By the addition of to your display, the Striker 4 frequency capability and CHIRP 2 d sonar make up. Is its features, for example, class and way-point plotting and GPS rate readout.

The Striker 4 is still really a very important accession to this vessel fisherman’s handle, and you’ll have an application for this though you’re not looking for fish.

The machine isn’t without its drawbacks. As it’s a searchable fish-finder, the Striker 4 will not need precisely the exact advantages and attributes as high-energy features such as four-panel display, side view imaging, or even NMEA connectivity.

Despite best abilities, the Striker 4 will not always have longitude and latitude information. Consequently, you won’t have the ability to find a fishing spot using coordinates. Yet another thing is that they are delicate, and you also might need to fortify them.

Last Words

the ideal fishing system could be collapse if you don’t know what’s happening under your ship. A FishFinder can help you get the very best fishing areas to make sure you get a successful fishing adventure.

The Garmin Striker 4 is also excellent for small vessel fishing using its own smooth, uninterrupted vision between shallow and deep water, its own comprehensive, unique features, along with its compact dimensions.

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