Does Noise Affect Fishing? – FishingGear-Guide

Does Noise Affect Fishing?

Yes/No, Really Does Noise Affect Fishing? Now here we go to understand the briefly when sound moves in water four to five times faster than in air, it is not as easy for a fish to detect a sound underwater as this might make you think. To be heard by a shark, the sound frequency … Read more

How Does CHIRP on a Fish Finder Works? – Fishing Gear Guide

How Does CHIRP on a Fish Finder Works? - Fishing Gear Guide

The chirp came in 1950. In the old days, few people use the fishing technique for How Does CHIRP on a Fish Finder Works. Anglers have using sonar for 30 years. It is not different than other sonar technique. The chirp innovation prompted sonar on fish finder is a new way of the event. What … Read more

Garmin ECHOMAP 73SV: To Buy or Not in 2020

Garmin ECHOMAP 73SV: To Buy or Not in 2020 - FishingGear-Guide

My Gramin ECHOMAP 73SV Review Even the Garmin ECHOMAP 73SV is just a luxury fish finder in Garmin it has a vast selection of features, for example, a 7″ screen, trolling motor transducer, 500-watt RMS ability, and Lake view with HD packed maps. You also can find fish in a depth of 1,100 feet in … Read more

Vexilar SP200 Review! T-Box Smartphone Fish Finder

Vexilar SP200 review

The Vexilar SP200 can be just really an excellent product for a fish finder. This unit is compact and has been constructed to connect with some smartphone. It’s an ideal instrument to choose on smaller and kayaks size fishing ships. The product is just actually a transducer which can connect into the smartphone. The transducer … Read more

Lowrance Hook-3x Dsi Fishfinder Review: Know Before Buy

lowrance hook-3x Dsi Fishfinder

Lowrance Hook-3x Dsi Fishfinder: As most of you might be already considering getting a Fish Finder and also a few come to the center of the reviews that they can find the perfect one. We’ve thought to offer a selection regarding a version out of the Lowrance brand. The brand requires no intro; then you … Read more

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