About us

fishinggear.guide was built out of our love for the out outside. Harnessing our passion for fishing our goal is to help you in enjoying outdoor activities the maximum amount as we will by helping you discover the simplest gear and equipment for your fishing hobby.

Being avid outdoors hobbyists ourselves, we noticed how few reliable review sites there have been for the products we regularly purchased and used. Not only this, but we noticed the misleading hype surrounding many new products that in practice had little to supply the committed enthusiast.

We decided to vary this, fixing fishinggear.guide to assist readers to get the foremost out of their fishing hobbies. Here you’ll find articles discussing the simplest equipment and accessories for your needs, all created by those with a real love for the outside.

Meet Our Team

Founder And CEO

Don M. Jenkins

Don M Jenkins A traveler, hiker, passionate fisherman when he was young, he was facing a lot of problems in fishing. There was no proper guidance for fishing. With time and experience, he learned a lot of things regarding fishing. But with the motto to help others and to bring the awareness of fishing, he started this blog.

co-founder and writer of fishing gear guide
Co-Founder and Writer

Micheal A. Stuckey​

Micheal loves to explore the outdoors and write about his experiences, telling stories and offering advice to anyone who will listen and to a lot of people who won’t.

Writer and Content Manager
Writer and Content Manager

Sandra R. Hall​

Sandra R Hall has a passion for creating something intresting that leads her to this company. She was always in love with the fish, whether it is cooking or caring. Her love for fish and to give the latest information and gadgets regarding fishing had made her reputed writer. She writes the experience of don jenkins in words.

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